I never thought I would build an electric go-kart until I met Shauger. He is a man of little words, but a craftsman at heart. He unrolled under from under his experimental vehicle he was building for the burning man festival, which can seat four, crafted out of plywood and four electric bike motors. My 8th-grade mind marveled in inspiration. Let’s just say, that I asked a lot of questions, and from there a friendship was established. I’d reach marathon speeds on my bike every weekend biking over to his little green duplex, built upon his workshop, carpeted, retrofitted with gear ready for exploitation. The man loved sharing his knowledge, I loved learning every bit of it. It took a year, but in the end, I had made something with my hands that I was proud of, and a friend and mentor who had my back every step of the way. The feeling is unforgettable.